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Spring Break!

March 24, 2011

This was the week I’ve been waiting for all semester; Spring Break. M and I decided to rent a car and take a three day trip up to Tahoe for some skiing, gambling, and general fun-times. It was definitely interesting. First we learned how to put on snow chains since they were required for the way up (and our wonderful standard car was only 2 wheel drive). Then we had to try and find food under $25 which was surprisingly difficult. Luckily, we were pointed to a nearby Applebees with not only affordable food but also a great happy hour after 9 pm.

Staying in a hotel with M for the first time was a lot of fun too ^_~. We would have had more fun, but honestly I was exhausted after our day skiing. Even so, we tried out a ton of different positions all around the room, slept in a king bed together, and even tried (emphasis on tried) some stuff out in the shower. Unfortunately he’s an entire foot taller than me so some things just don’t work in a crowded space.

Skiing was almost a disaster; turns out that M’s height causes a lot of difficulty on skiis (and trying to get up after falling). He eventually switched to snowboarding and did a little bit better, but honestly, next time, we’re going to have to get him lessons. After that we did a bit of gambling and I learned a thing or two about roulette. Twas very fun.

What’s coming up here? Well, I’ve got a few reviews for FunWares that have been a while coming – look forward to those in the next few days! I’m also waiting to hear back from some companies about sponsoring a raffle for Relay for Life. If you work with or own any kind of company (sex toys are nice, but other things are awesome too!!) that is willing to donate an item, please let me know. All the money will go to the American Cancer Society 🙂

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