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Review: Little Secret Spoon by Tantus

March 8, 2011

When I first heard about the new Little Secret line by Tantus, I was interested to see what kind of shapes and colours would be featured. Imagine my excitement when the images were finally released! There are just not enough green and orange sex toys in this world (of course, the other colours are nice too). I had to get my hands on at least one of them and lo and behold, the Spoon was available for review at EdenFantasys.

The Little Secret toys are a combo of a larger-than-standard bullet and a silicone sleeve. The Spoon, in particular, contains a brightly orange coloured sleeve with a flat g-spot curve. The sleeve and the bullet can be used together or separately. In fact, I tried to use the sleeve as an extension of my finger but I didn’t like the suction it created against my skin. This is a toy that can be used vaginally or clitorally, but do not insert it into your anus! Not only does this not have a flared base, but it’s tiny – 4 inches if you have the bullet inserted in the sleeve. This toy can also be used for men or women, and you can enjoy teasing the outside of your anus with it as well. I personally found it best for clitoral use and I plan to try it out during intercourse as well since it isn’t very bulky. My vagina was just not impressed; the Spoon is not long enough to reach my g-spot. I tried to put it in farther than I could hold and use my kegels to thrust it in and out, but that didn’t create much sensation either. I also found that the end of the bullet got extremely slippery due to the lube and I had a lot of trouble pressing the on/off button all the way down when the Spoon was inserted inside my body.


The Spoon sleeve is made of Tantus’s shiny silicone, which also picks up more lint than any other material I’ve ever owned. Make sure to clean it before and after use and store it in a plastic bag to reduce lint buildup. I would also suggest cleaning the inside of the sleeve when you can, since little bits of stuff got caught up in there. Despite the annoyance of cleaning the sleeve, Tantus silicone is great because it is body-safe and pthalates-free. The sleeve is also easy to clean using water and antibacterial soap, boiling, or putting in the dishwasher. Boiling is your best choice if you would like to use this toy with multiple partners. Tantus silicone does have more drag than other toys so you will need a lot of lubrication to prevent friction. Be sure to use only oil-based or water-based lubricant as silicone-based will essentially melt your toy. The sleeve is very plushy and thick which creates a nice sensation against the body when lubricated. The Spoon is also not hollow all the way to the top – the tip is a solid core of silicone.

The included bullet seems to be made of a hard plastic so feel free to clean that with soap and water. It also appears to have a purple o-ring so it may be waterproof (I live in a dorm so I don’t test my toys in the shower) but the on/off button does not look completely sealed which may cause leakage. If you’re using the bullet separately, you will not need nearly as much lube as the surface is very slick and shiny. There is a raised surface that reads “Levett” on the side but it was not very noticable during use. Because the bullet is plastic, it’s a bit harder to completely disinfect for  multiple partner use. Do not boil or place in the dishwasher since the bullet contains mechanical parts. Instead, try cleaning with a 10% bleach solution. This is best done by submerging the bullet in the solution (but make sure it’s waterproof first). If it can’t be sterilized, you can use the bullet with a condom.

Functions and Performance

The bullets in the Little Secret line are one-speed only; this can be controlled using a purple rubber on/off switch on the bottom of the bullet. Be warned, this switch is extremely hard to use when your hands are slippery with lube. More than once I thought I had turned on the bullet but in fact had only grazed the switch inside for a mere millisecond. I eventually used my nails to turn it on rather than the pad of my finger.

The vibrations that ensue are not the weakest I’ve ever experienced, but they probably won’t be enough to bring anyone to orgasm either. This toy would probably be a good warmup before switching over to something with deeper, more penetrating vibrations. The bullet’s vibrations carried surprisingly well through the sleeve (including the thick flat end) but felt very buzzy…until I applied pressure. Then I couldn’t feel the vibrations through the end at all; the pressure was essentially making the sleeve rigid and unable to carry any vibration. Because the vibrations were buzzy but not terribly strong, I found the Spoon moderately quiet. I could barely hear it at all under the covers; it certainly wouldn’t be heard through a closed door.

You can also use the bullet separately if you like. If you decide to do this, my suggestion is that you stick your finger inside the sleeve and make circles around the bullet, pulling the sleeve off as you go. It’s very sticky and suctioned and difficult to remove. The vibrations of the bullet will be a bit louder without the sleeve to muffle to the sound, and if you’re using lubricant the bullet will slip around your skin much more due to the slick surface. The bullet tip is also pointed so be careful you don’t poke it anywhere uncomfortable. I preferred to use my bullet with the sleeve because I liked the flat tip.


Normally I keep my packaging for photos and/or storage, but the Spoon came in a thick, clear plastic ‘bag’ with a piece of cardboard stapled over the top with the name of the toy. It made its way into the trash almost immediately. For storing your Spoon, I would suggest slipping the sleeve and the bullet into a small Ziploc. Just make sure that the Spoon is separated from any other silicone toys or they will melt together.

Final Verdict

Although the Spoon is a great colour and has the flat head that I like so much, the vibrations just weren’t very strong. I have similarly-sized toys that I prefer better, so I have a feeling this might not get as much use. I would have been much happier if the vibrations had been much stronger or the sleeve had been longer to reach my g-spot. I really like to press my vibrators into the side of my clit, but this toy lost almost all of its vibrations when I tried. This toy might be for you if you like light teasing; I should perhaps try having M use it on me when I’m blindfolded sometime.

You can find the Spoon as well as the other Little Secret vibes (Kiss, Tease, Touch, and Whisper) at EdenFantasys.

product picture
Discreet massager by Tantus
Material: Silicone
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer.

This product was provided to me free of charge in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.


Relay for Life

March 8, 2011

This year, I’m doing something different. This year, I’m joining Relay for Life.

Relay began in 1985 when Dr. Gordy Klatt, a colorectal surgeon in Tacoma, Washington, ran and walked around a track for 24 hours to raise money for the American Cancer Society. Ever since then, Relay has grown across the country and has become an international movement to end the disease. By participating in Relay, we are creating a world with more birthdays a world where cancer can’t claim another year of anyone’s life.

I’ve been lucky enough that I haven’t lost anyone close to me to cancer, and I am so privileged and thankful for that. My dad survived prostate cancer to the point where we barely remember he once had it. A close family friend recently struggled through chemotherapy for throat cancer and is now happily in remission.

If you find yourself in a position to spare anything, I would ask that you donate to our team and help us raise money for the American Cancer Society. You can donate anonymously and honor those family and friends who you have lost, who have survived, who keep fighting.

And on April 30th, I’ll be at Relay to honor them.

PMS and LoL

March 4, 2011

Forewarning; many of my blog posts are somewhat edited and carefully considered before posting. This, however, is not.


God, this has been a shitty week. Beyond terrible. I can’t tell if its PMS or something else, but I’ve been terribly upset, irritable, disorganized, tired, achy, and pretty much anything else depressing and sad you can think of. I haven’t particularly wanted to go anywhere, I’m hungry but nothing sounds all that appetizing, and I’ve been fighting constantly with my partner about a range of things.

Today, we’re fighting about League of Legends. It’s an online game (like DotA) that I started playing about a month ago. I’ve been having a good time, but playing with my partner in the room is always frustrating. I feel like he’s more annoyed with me than teaching, and I get irritable very fast. Today, we tried playing in separate places but using Skype to chat over the web. He was unhappy with the noises my mic was picking up, and I suggested that the other choice was my webcam mic. He told me that would probably be a lot better, so I went afk for a few seconds to connect it. Of course then Skype freezes, alt-tab won’t work, my computer is totally fucked and I’m afk for a couple of minutes instead. He’s pissed, my team-mate is pissed, and my computer is still working like total crap.

Now, I understand being pissed off but seriously it is a fucking game can you please calm down. You would think these people’s lives were banking on our gameplay. My partner continues to tell me that he can’t believe I would go afk to change out a mic (despite his earlier bitching about the mic I was using). I’m pissed not only because we’re fighting over a game but because earlier this week when my internet was sucking, he chose to go home to play his game rather than stay and spend time with me.

I am not less important than a game. And we really shouldn’t be fighting over it.

PS: I’m sick of everyone in that game assuming I’m a man.

HNT: Classy

March 3, 2011

For today’s HNT, I wanted to show off

1. My new ring, courtesy of M. Isn’t it gorgeous?
2. My nails, which apparently look like they’re from the 20’s.

I think I’m going to try black with white french tips next time and see if it looks any better.


Coming soon…

March 2, 2011
tags: , , , ,

More posts! I’m back from graduate interviews and ready to get back in the swing of things. What can you expect in the next few weeks? More reviews, more stories and some conversation about basic sexual health. I’ve got some new rope, a blindfold, a leash, and a couple of vibrators to tell you about! I’ve also been reading some more erotica as well as SM 101. Mmmmm…..

Plus I can tell you just how kinky TSA screenings really are.

Ami and Pregnancy

February 22, 2011

I was browsing my site stats today when I noticed that one of my visitors had searched for information on using the Je Joue Ami during pregnancy. Though I’m not an expert, I wanted to comment here with my opinion should this visitor (or others) have the same question again.

Firstly, if you are asking this question then I highly suggest you ask your doctor and obgyn. They will understand your specific pregnancy the best and can advise you on which behaviors are okay, which might be uncomfortable, and which are no-nos during your pregnancy.

As far as I know from my human sexuality course in college, I would treat Ami the same way you are currently treating sexual intercourse. Most resources online and in textbooks will tell you that sexual activity (including penetration and orgasm) should be acceptable during pregnancy unless you have a history of miscarriages, heavy bleeding, or other complications with your pregnancy. Most of the issues that arise are finding a comfortable position for sexual activity that does not put unneeded stress on the uterus.

With the Ami, I doubt you will need to worry about the positioning issue. The kegel balls should not be far enough in your vagina to hit the cervix or interfere with the uterus, placenta, or the os (the cervix opening through which your water will eventually break). Exercising your PC muscle should also not have any negative effects, since these same muscles are used during orgasm and research seems to indicate no issues with orgasms during pregnancy.

Once again, I want to stress that I have no professional training in sexual education or pre-natal care, so please please take the opportunity to talk to your doctor. Also speak with your partner about how comfortable both of you are with the choices you are making, and whatever happens make the choice that works best for you.

If anyone reading this has a better idea of using kegel exercisers during pregnancy or is a professional, please leave your comments below! I’d love to hear your experiences and knowledge 🙂

$50 EF Gift Card Winner!

February 21, 2011

…is Lizzy Kaelar!
Lizzy, I’ve sent you a message on Twitter so give me a shout with your email address. I’ll pass it on to Carrie Ann so she can get your gift card to you as soon as possible 🙂

Thanks to everyone who entered, and I hope you all had a great holiday season!

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