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Good Vibrations

March 15, 2011

I love each and every company I’ve chosen to work with, but there’s nothing like having a good old brick-and-mortar sex shop a few blocks from home. I’ve been blessed to live in the bay area and be only a bus ride away from Good Vibrations; it’s one reason I was excited to turn 21 and join their affiliate review program. Good Vibes was the first good sex store I’ve ever walked into. The people who work there are well trained and extremely helpful.

The first time I went to Good Vibes, it was actually with my RA. There was a trip later in the week that we were both going to miss, so instead we went together. That was an experience, let me tell you. It felt like I was doing something wrong – I remember looking around at people on the street as we got off the bus, like they all knew exactly what we were going and what we would be doing there. I bought my first (and terribly crappy) g-spot vibe because I was afraid to ask anyone for help or suggestions. Big mistake. Now whenever I go I know to ask for help, tell folks exactly what I’m looking for and ask for their suggestions. Shopping has turned out much better ever since.

If you’re lucky enough to live in Berkeley or San Francisco, you should check out the nearest Good Vibrations near you. If not, enjoy them online! They still provide the same amazing service and easy delivery.

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