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It’s been one of those weeks.

January 26, 2011

I’ve been recovering from a fight with M, got completely rejected from the Female Sexuality DeCal I applied for, am still waitlisted for a class I love, was unable to organize a blood drive we started planning, and I got sick.

It’s all been so fantastic. This is my last semester and I’m already finished with my graduation requirements, so everything was going to be perfect. I was going to take a light schedule of classes I’ve been itching to take since I got here. I was finally going to have time for FemSex as well, since the class is 3 units, a hell of a lot of work, and occurs in the evenings when I used to have class or work.

Basically, they led me on. Called me the night before to ask about my relationship with another friend who applied, to make sure that we could be in the same section and still create a safe space. Turns out, they let her in and they shafted me. When I emailed to tell them how devastated I was, how I had cried for an hour straight outside their building, they told me that I didn’t need to be a student to take the class so I should just come back and apply again in the fall. Yeah right, bitches. Because I’m totally going to hang around here and not go to grad school just so I can take your fucking class.

As I said, not my best week. I’m currently in my room sneezing every few minutes and demolishing my latest box of tissues because with all this stress, I’ve managed to pick up a cold or something. Not fun considering that M and I were going to have a bit of a date night tonight to try and get back to feeling good about each other. I’m not sure I can feel good about anything right now. I even missed my only class of the day because I woke up every half an hour last night to sneeze and blow my nose. Super attractive, I know.

Lastly I’d like to apologize once again for being so behind in my reviews. My harness review is waiting until M and I fix things up a little better (so I can force him to suck me off, mmmhmm). I’ve also got a new pair of ankle cuffs and another set of wrist/ankle cuffs to try out at the next play party we attend. Then there’s Mr.Perez’s wonderful books, which I’ve had in my possession since November and am 1. still finishing and 2. figuring out how to write a review for without sounding totally uneducated. I’ve also got a drawer full of items such as the Lelo Etherea silk cuffs, Ono Cleo, Bent Graduate, and more.

Wish me luck!

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  1. January 26, 2011 8:59 pm

    A friend of mine sent a link to your blog and I can’t wait to check back in! Keep writing and keep your head up!

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