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Erogenous Zones 1: Head and Neck

January 9, 2011

I’ve recently felt inspired by so many events and ideas, it’s time I finally sat down and wrote about some. Lilly began her Erogenous Zones blog series last week, and though I’m a bit late I’m excited to join in.

Ears: I love having them chewed on, pulled, or massaged in just the right way. Not only does it turn me on and feel amazingly good, it’s a nice control point for M when he needs to get my attention quickly. I’ve also discovered that folding my ears the wrong way is supremely painful as it forcefully bends the cartilage.

Breath Play: is something I adore. I never expected to, especially considering how dangerous I know it can be in the wrong circumstances. Luckily I have a partner who I trust not to press too hard, and he always lets go before I actually need more air. It’s fantastic to be held down by my neck, knowing that any pain caused by me resisting is essentially my fault.

Hair: Using my hair as a dominance tool can either be amazing or it backfires completely. On a good day, M can control me through my hair. He can win any struggle, force me down on him, or just have me writhing in pleasure. On a bad day, it’s one of the most painful things a person can do to me and it will piss me off. Good communication is definitely needed for this one. I can also be turned to complete and compliant mush by having someone stroke or scratch my head. It feels really damn good.

Stay tuned for this week’s topic: the face.

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