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Thanksgiving Vacation

November 23, 2010

I just wanted to give everyone a heads-up, I’m headed out of town for Thanksgiving this year. I’ll be down in LA with the boyfriend’s family, so I won’t be posting here, checking my email, or on Twitter. Gotta keep those parents thinking I’m just an innocent girl in love with their son ^_~

What do I have in the works for you when I get back? Firstly, I won a Taking Care of Business vibe from Buzz on Vibes that I’ve fallen in love with, so there will certainly be a review coming soon! I also received Je Joue’s new PC exerciser set, Ami, from EdenFantasys. I’ve given her a test run in my room, but alas, the monthly plague hit me this week! Thus, I’ll be working on that review a bit more after my return next week.

I was also recently contacted by the wonderful Dr. Vostu, who sent me two of his books to read; CUNTIONARY/Repent at Your Leisure (or The Folklore of Hell) and The Evil Queen: A Pornolexicology. I’m currently perusing them, so expect to hear my final verdict in two or three weeks. Most of you also know of Susie Bright, who has published many amazing collections of erotica and how-to guides for those who want to express themselves through sexy writings. She very recently published Love and Lust, a guided sex journal, especially made for those who love reflective journaling. I was lucky enough to score a copy to review, which should be arriving while I’m gone!

So, although you won’t hear from me for the next week or so, expect fun and exciting things when I return!

PS: Don’t forget to check out my Holiday Wishlist as well as those I’ve linked at the end 🙂

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