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Review: Contour M by JimmyJane

November 9, 2010

Mmmmm…the Contour M. I saved up my EdenPoints specifically so I could purchase this beauty. The thing is, I love massages as much as I love sex. The myriad of sensations across my body makes me writhe with every pass of my partner’s hands. The biggest problem is that all that work, especially on the stressed muscles of my back, tires his hands pretty fast. My hands hold up for an even shorter event on his muscles, and both of us find massages nowhere near long enough.

Clean and sturdy packaging

That’s when I decided I needed the Contour M. I’d read some great reviews about it’s versatility and comfort, and it became number one on my priority list. I was thrilled when I picked up the discrete package from the mailroom, brought it up to my room, and tore the box open for my M.

The Contour M comes in a cute white cardboard cube, printed on the outside with a description of the M and small pictures of JimmyJane’s other massage-related products. Inside the box is a small instruction booklet with use and care instructions in

English, French, Spanish, German, and what looks like it might be Dutch. Then there’s a very sturdy white cardboard insert that holds the Contour M! It fits perfectly in the box and the entire thing is very sturdy, so I immediately decided to keep the box for storage of my new toy.

JimmyJane's Contour M

I was immediately impressed by the M’s clean design and sturdy porcelain shape. It fit perfectly in the palm of my hand, and I thought more than once about using it as a paperweight on my desk. The porcelain is a pretty enamel-white tone, with the text “JimmyJane” printed stylishly along one axis. I was slightly disappointed to find a tiny, circular defect in the center of the underside dip, but it felt sturdy as i ran my fingers over the rough patch. It was only about a centimeter wide, and I decided that it may have been the result of the manufacturing process of the toy. I also suspected that there was a small bead or shard of porcelain inside the M, because I could hear a soft ringing sound as a result of the piece moving around inside.

Before I could play with my new toy, however, I had a dinner date to attend with my partner. The ironic thing is that during our after-dinner visit to a local store, I noticed the M on display and showed it to my partner with a curious look. He shrugged and passed it over to look at something else. Well, crap! I pointed out that I had just received the M in the mail, and with an apologetic, sheepish grin he said that it didn’t look great but we’d check it out later.

He changed his mind as soon as I had it out of the box. The M was surprisingly easy to use, and it felt good any way we tried it. My partner immediately told me how much less work it was using the M over his hands! First we switched off running the M along each other’s backs, over our shirts. The four nobs created a sensual touch when run lightly over the back, and a deep massage with just a small amount of pressure. Each nob could be used individually, holding the M at an angle, to work on any tough muscle knots. We also tried using the flatter side of the M, which provided a calming pressure in any location. Next, my partner tried the M on my bare back along with some lotion. The sensations were even stronger and I could still feel the heat from his hands through the porcelain. He continually commented on how much easier it was to massage me with the M, and I could tell by the length of the session that his hands were silently thanking me as well.

The only place the Contour M didn’t fare so well was in the joints of my shoulders. I really enjoy my partner’s probing fingers massaging my joints, but the M is simply too bulky to knead these small areas without uncomfortably clashing with the bones. We tried a few different angles using the M, but gave up and my partner worked my joints with his fingers instead.

Nubs for pinpoint pressure

I wholeheartedly recommend the Contour M to anyone who enjoys giving or getting amazing back massages. The shape is well-designed to be easy on the hands, and performs well for almost every sensation you may desire.  If you’re really into massages, JimmyJane also makes two other massage stones – the Contour Q and the Contour I. The Q is actually two different stones with different nubby textures that you can roll on an area independently, or by placing them in the hollow of the M. The I is shaped like a dumbell, with bulbous ends that are designed for pinpoint stimulation of a muscle area. The I, too, can be placed inside the M to roll it across a patch of skin. However, both the Q and the I are designed for very specific uses, where the M can be used for pinpoint sensation, texture, and more. If you love to use oil or massage candles as well, the M can be flipped over to hold your oil like a little dish while you work.

I think everyone should own one of these! They could make great gifts for your (overworked) friends, especially paired with some massage oil or lotion.

I ordered my Contour M from my favourite online sex shop – go try it for yourself!

product picture
$25.00Contour M
Massager by Jimmyjane
Material: Ceramic

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